Actual photo of Larson doing research in 1957.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Hide your wallets, children and any other valuables: California Democrats are holding their annual convention here in San Diego this weekend. Pelosi was crowing last night about how she plans for Dems to take back the house and she'll again be speaker.... Chair John Burton who trashed me out of context in 2010 Gov. campaign runs the show.. aloing with the usual assortment of delegates straight out of the Star Wars cantina scene. Their theme is "Catch the Wave". That's the problem. I've been in this state for 35 years and the left wing tsunami has added higher taxes, more out of control regulations and loony laws galore.  I'm staying and fighting the good fight, but we are indeed (and have been) already living as if we're in Obama's second term here. It ain't pretty. Lots of work to do, repealing, replacing, keeping folks from fleeing to more bottom-line and liberty-friendly states...