Actual photo of Larson doing research in 1957.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


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U.S. Senate:   Elizabeth Emken
U.S. House of Representatives: Duncan D. Hunter
(I'm in his district... check yours. My other picks for Congress, San Diego area:  Darrell Issa, Nick Popaditch, Brian Bilbray

Statewide Propositions:

PROP. 30 - NO  (Nice try, Gov. dice ..again)
PROP. 31 - NO  (State GOP says yes on this.. but I'm a "no")
PROP. 32 - YES (It's about time we get this right)
PROP. 33 - YES (Like discounts? So do I?)
PROP. 34 - NO  (We have more than 720 on Death Row... Several, like the killer of little Polly Klaas, sit there mocking the system..  time to deliver the sentence...)
PROP. 35 - YES (A special place in hell for human traffickers)
PROP. 36 - NO  (Messing with Three Strikes Law)
PROP. 37 - NO  (More mumbo jumbo in labelling... and I don't care that they do this in Europe, either)
PROP. 38 - NO (Molly Munger's "let's tax everyone more" plan)
PROP. 39 - NO (More restrictions on business in our state)
PROP. 40 - YES  (need to change redistricting..again)

More rules of thumb: If candidates for less-known offices (especially incumbent candidates) don't have the guts to tell the public about who they are, their record, etc... skip 'em.  Remember: This isn't "take a guess" or vote for the person you always see on TV.  If you don't know about a race or proposition, SKIP IT. You will NOT invalidate your ballot.  

ONE MORE FOR THE ROAD:  If you have DVR or Tivo, freeze the fine print part of campaign ads. If it's something loved by SEIU, AFSCME, CTA or other way-too-powerful unions, do the opposite ...   which reminds me, again VOTE "YES" on Prop 32...