Actual photo of Larson doing research in 1957.

Thursday, May 31, 2007


So what's really up with the tuberculosis story? Why didn't Mr. Speaker's father-in-law, who works for the CDC, do more than just give the TB carrier "fatherly advice"? Did Speaker, and educated 31 year old public injury attorney, think the rules weren't for him? And why was he able to slip through Homeland Security's, uh "security".. which an official says "worked". Worked? Maybe in getting the word out about Speaker's disease, but that temporary secure feeling blown by a now-suspended agent who said "he didn't look sick to me"... so he let him into the US via Canada. Various parts of this story don't yet add up. Something stinketh... maybe in more than one place. Stay tuned. Here's what we know now: