Actual photo of Larson doing research in 1957.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


That's not a misprint. I agree with him on one point (lately): That President Obama needs to be more positive and hopeful in his daily remarks. That's something I've pointed out for weeks. Americans get the gloom and doom and don't need 24/7 reminders. They're "in it".  And my, hasn't the stock market responded well to White House initiatives. Ugh. 

Back to media: I can barely stand consuming TV news right now, to the point of considering breaking out the old "Rocky & Bulwinkle" classic DVDs for relief (stuff that doesn't work for today's kids because of numerous literary and historical references in its humor).  The country needs to take a long, deep breath and rise from the negative rhetoric.  Speaking of hope and change, I hope Obama's speech tonight will help to shift gears and empower a national attitude adjustment.