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Friday, March 27, 2009


Much is being made of the recent flurry of hyper seismic activity here in Southern California. One report tonight featured some Cal Tech scientists who are nearly salivating over possible increased prospects of "The Big One".  That's pretty creepy, really. Hey, this is earthquake country. We get used to it, most times. Californians experience many (many!) quakes each month, often "micro" in size... but all part of the regional geography. Living in a higher risk zone beats, well, winter elsewhere.  That's why we feature the LarsonBlog "Quake Tracker" (click on menu to the right).  It's not only informative and adds perspective each day, but it's also a way to scare unwanted visitors... keeping them from coming out and hanging with you at your house. Even during times of little quake activity, a glimpse at the map will frighten anyone away. 

STOP IT, PLEASE: The California State Air Resources Board is now considering ways to stop the sale of black cars in the Golden State.  They say it's all about reducing the carbon footprint of air conditioning. In other words, more overreaction to "global warming". You see, these experts have determined that black cars force the A/C to work harder, resulting in more wear on the environment. This begs a question: Don't these people have anything else to do?  

NOT TO BE OUTDONE: The Obama Administration is pushing auto makers to greatly increase the fuel economy of cars by 2011. Nice job, guys. Work extra hard to kill off an essential American business that is already on the ropes, big time.

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