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Thursday, June 11, 2009


The White House "experts"now stake their claim to determining who's-paid-what in business across America:
Oh sure, they're mostly talking about keeping executive pay in line at companies dining at the national bailout trough... for now. But today's report that Obama advisors are looking in to other compensation is very disturbing. And dangerous. It's also none of Uncle Sam's business. And we'll now have a national "Pay Czar", too. Add this latest "interest" (aka "meddling") in private enterprise to the parade of other government power grabs in recent weeks... including trashing of contracts. Hugo Chavez must be proud.

We'll talk more about the economy (and then some) with Gov. Mitt Romney, tomorrow morning at 7:05 Pacific on 1170AM KCBQ and

TILE FLAP UPDATE: There may have been some guidelines for the tiles placed at Sage Canyon school, but several participants didn't know about them.
There was, apparently, a blog noting tiles should reflect the curriculum. Fine, but again the people selling the tiles didn't make that clear. And my listener who's told her kids tile (with "Jesus" on it) has to come down even asked the powers that be if it was OK to do it. She was told it was fine. And again, other participants haven't followed the subtle guideline either. Stay tuned...

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