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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


President Obama loves to say the "other side" will use scare tactics to frighten "folks". (BTW: He calls Americans AND terrorists "folks". That also bothers me.) In tonight's new conference, The One is using LOTS of fresh scare tactics to make people think only He has the answers to all problems... do it his way or else. How on earth did this nation end up with this guy in charge? Yeah, I know.. $700 million in advertising can move any product.

One of the most telling lines of the night: When the Prez said "Of course I think my plan is the best". That's the problem. He's used to always getting his way, always "right", always the "smartest person in the room". Lord help us.

In the meantime:LOTS of California cities are going to sue the state government if necessary:
Good times!

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