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Friday, July 10, 2009


... or just distracted by the celebrity news this week, the world continues to come apart at the seams. President Obama is taking a hands-off role in far too many areas, under the guise of a "let the people decide what they want" approach. That sounds nice but it belies reality. In Honduras, for example: While the world has been immersed in non-stop Michael Jackson coverage, Zalaya, the (for now) ousted leftist buddy of Hugo Chavez, has been fighting to regain power. It hasn't worked so far, but Obama and the UN et al are acting as if Zalaya gained power "from the people" in the first place. No, he broke the rules and was trying to solidify endless authority. The people (aided by the miltary) said no, and world opinion is inaccurately shaped (if people even have this story on their personal radar at all) by continuous disinformation from those who want the left to prevail everywhere. That perception is also aided by the sycophant media. The fact is that Chavez now has deep influence in many countries in our own hemisphere... in other words, at our own doorstep.

The President (ours) seems to want the rest of the world either stay far-left or go there, soon... while the USA plays catch-up. He's also trying to pile on distractions by ramming new spending programs like health care down the nation's throat. In the meantime, the White House is eager to make more huge commitments to stimulus (and Stimulus Part II) spending so that in the near future, America will not be able to afford standing up for liberty around the globe. Such a move allows Obama to claim in the future, "Well, now we can't afford to be the world's 'policeman'". It's the very opposite of what John F. Kennedy proclaimed in his history-making 1961 inaugural speech. Obama knows exactly what he's up to, and it's high time Americans figure it out. Maybe the latest approval numbers in the polls show that's happening, but I'm not so sure. The country's summer nap is on.

This weekend, please take a little time and read some of the fine reporting coming out of publications such as the Financial Times and you'll understand what's really going on. The FT is not consistently conservative, either. Just balanced reporting and analysis and covering in depth the stories that US media consistently ignore. Here's an example:

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