Actual photo of Larson doing research in 1957.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


The nation seems in the midst of H1N1 (swine flu) obsession. From Obama's White House photo op with the white-jacketed doctors to non-stop flu shot stories, the push is on... just in time to try to sway the Capitol Hill votes on "health care reform". The only story even bigger: David Letterman.

I'm in New York City for the next couple of days, broadcasting my show from the Salem Radio Network studios in the Empire State Building. Last night I enjoyed a cool autumn evening and wandered over to Times Square. In front of Letterman's studio, the media gaggle was unbelievable, with reporters all drooling over a chance to ambush the comedy star. If only the media cared as much as, well, the war on terrorism.... hmmm...

TONIGHT: I'll be emceeing the National Right to Life annual gala here in NYC. Busy week!