Actual photo of Larson doing research in 1957.

Sunday, May 02, 2010


Homegrown or international? Crude bomb or not? The car bomb attempt in New York's Time Square points out a stark truth: It's terrorism, no matter who is responsible. (BTW: I'm sure Nissan loves the publicity as much as Toyota when one of their vehicles makes news). Other thoughts: NY Mayor Bloomberg doing an overnight press conf in his tux, fresh from the DC Correspondents dinner, I guess. That's New York, old style, tuxes on Sat. night even in the dead of night. Glad I'm in New Jersey for this event rather than Manhattan.. probably would still be trying to get back to my hotel (usually stay at the Marquis).

Question: Aren't we all feeling soooo safe right now? Obama "monitors" the NYC situation, Janet Napolitano is "in charge" (witness her stellar leadership re: illegal immigration and the Gulf oil spill). But let's be fair: This administration leads the world in "concern"and "monitoring". Nevermind he took nine days to pay much attention to the oil spill.

MEANWHILE, BACK AT THE BLACK TIE EVENT: Watched the Correspondents dinner in DC. Leno was OK, not his best bad move to be on after BHO, with most of the room adoring The One. The truth is that Obama does have great timing when using someone else's material. But BHO's zingers reveal more about his "character", too. Read a transcript of his remarks and you'll understand what issues go beyond simple jokes I wish the Commander in Chief put as much energy into other issues... like securing the border and calling terrorists terrorists, not "folks". But on the AZ issue, like the oil spill, you know many in the White House would rather help fan the flames of anger and distortion, so they can come back and "help' later on. I'm "monitoring" the situation...

MORE ABOUT LENO: As much as the elites love to chastize Leno's humor (they're all "Team Conan", I guess), Leno's been a solid #1 in the ratings since returning the The Tonight Show. Hmmm....