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Sunday, June 06, 2010


Here are my choices in some of the hottest races/issues for Tuesday's California GOP Primary:

GOVERNOR - Meg Whitman; U.S. SENATE - Carly Fiorina; CONTROLLER - Tony Strickland; ATTORNEY GENERAL - John Eastman; U.S.HOUSE (52nd District) - Duncan D. Hunter;SAN DIEGO COUNTY SHERIFF - Bill Gore; STATE SUPT. OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION - Diane Lenning; STATE ASSEMBLY - Brian Jones.STATE PROPS: YES on 13, NO on 14, NO on 15, YES on 16 and 17.

I may reveal some choices re: additional races/choices, but it's a Primary. You need to do your homework, too (smile). There are many good people running, and I know many of them personally. But some picks are too important to ignore. Poizner has been too over-the-top and desperate in recent weeks. DeVore's a great guy, but in two years he hasn't picked up enough strong support. I hope he stays involved and prominent in future races. I've respected McClintock for years but it's been looking like HE's the one running for something. He has to know some of the Poizner stuff he's spewing is bunk. In the Senate primary, Tom Campbell playing the last-minute "I'm the REAGAN LEGACY guy" angle is a realllll stretch. Whitman and Fiorina have the strongest ability to help fix the business climate. If that doesn't change fast, California will have problems that may be insurmountable. Jerry Brown is still "Gov. Moonbeam", and no matter how hard he tries to recreate his image, he would be a disaster for the state, with unions gaining even more control than they already have. NOTE to those considering other "fringe" candidates: Please don't waste your vote.
On the judicial candidates, please check

Now please do some extra homework ASAP, then get out there! Call your friends and help get THEM to the polling place... VOTE on Tuesday!