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Sunday, April 15, 2007


Ah, everyone loves April 15th. Uh, not exactly. But what we do know is that everyone should love the Bush tax cuts... something that should be applauded in bi-partisan agreement (if it wasn't for that world of pesky partisan politics). The fact that the economy is strong and unemployment is historically low. Fred Thompson, possible Presidential candidate, examines the issue: Warning: The current cuts that have fueled the economy expire in 2010. Another reason to be sure the Dems lose control of Congress in 2008. More information on tax reform:

THE IMUS STORY ONE MORE TIME: Our friend Mark Steyn has it covered, once and for all:,CST-EDT-steyn15.article Where does all the Imus-Sharpton-Jackson axis lead? To calls for crack downs on other talk show hosts, of course. A San Diego open borders activist, Enrique Morones want to punish KOGO's Roger Hedgecock and others for "hate speech". What hate speech? Using the words "illegal alien" and "illegal immigrant" , for example. We'll talk more about this hot issue on tomorrow's Hedgecock Show, where I'll be guest-hosting.... and we'll hear directly from Morones. 3-6PM Pacific on AM 600 KOGO. Then from 6-8PM Monday, formed major leaguer (and free speech advocate) John Rocker is my guest.

SPEAKING OF TAX DAY; Good news, for a change, from Sacramento regarding tax increases. Enough legislators signed a no-tax-increase pledge last week, which should help keep the Governator from spending urges. The men who got the pledge done, Senator Tom McClintock and Grover Norquist (Americans for Tax Reform) are my guests on today's Larson Weekend Show: 4 to 5PM Pacific on AM 600 KOGO and