Actual photo of Larson doing research in 1957.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


... about opting out of a high-profile job is how quickly you know who your friends really are. And aren't. The media business is a little bit like vultures workin' the roadkill. In this case, though, I've chosen not to become roadkill. That is a real blessing. And I'm greatly enjoying all the possibilities. That statement drives the vultures crazy, by the way. But it's a wonderful thing to get rid of the stress and let God lead decisions. Wow, what a concept. I was interviewed by Randy Dotinga of the North County Times today... that article will run later this week. Watch for it at

YOUR EMAILS: Thanks so much to all who have sent me an overwhelming amount of email since I announced my decision to leave KOGO. I will try to reply to every message, one at a time.... and that takes time, so thanks for your patience!

MILITARY SALUTE:Tomorrow I'll be spending some time on my favorite Navy ship, the USS Ronald Reagan, thanking the men and women who give their all for America every day.

THE ONLY THING: About being off a daily radio show for now is having no outlet to vent about the daily news. I guess that's another good reason to have a Blog. And a webcam, coming soon. Thanks for checking back often. I'll keep you posted.