Actual photo of Larson doing research in 1957.

Friday, June 15, 2007


As I said on KOGO this morning, I have decided to leave the station effective immediately. This is fully my decision, based on many factors. It's no secret that the programming change a couple of months ago (from 12-3PM to 6-8PM for my show) has been a difficult transition, and something that was increasingly difficult to do with all of my other business interests. The day felt like it was two days long. Later today I'll be updating this Blog with additional thoughts and info on all of this. As a strange capper, this morning after doing my announcement on KOGO's morning news, my wife and I found one of our two dogs had run out in the yard and died of an aneurysm. Trinka was a 7 year old Yorkie, and a real joy in our lives, along with our big black lab-mix, Eddie. Sort of reminds me on the old joke about life not really getting into gear in "empty nest time" until the kids move out and the dog dies. Well, we're there, I guess (smile).
Thank you for your continued support... hope you'll check back as I move myself into "free agent" mode and explore the future... I'll update this Blog regularly. And I'll be on at 6:05 this evening with Cliff Albert to talk more about my decision --- on AM 600 KOGO and