Actual photo of Larson doing research in 1957.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


The Bush Administration isn't giving up on the immigration plan, despite the defeat last week. Democrats want Republicans to "adjust" as well. Lessons learned so far... anyone? Here's today's update:

CINDY SHEEHAN REAL ESTATE UPDATE: She was going to sell it on EBay --- the "prace ranch" near the President's place in Crawford. Our friend Bree Walker decided to keep that free-for-all sale from happening by buying the ranch herself:
Bree will gives us an update on her plans on Monday's Show, 6 to 8PM Pacific on AM 600 KOGO and
Gee, maybe they'd like me to come speak at a retreat (don't hold your breath).

ON MY WAY BACK FROM FLORIDA: After an amazing weekend at the Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral and the annual Astronauts Foundation Dinner. Special thanks to Steve Hankow and Sims-Hankow auctions (more info: for inviting me to also be on hand for the annual UACC autograph convention, and for the honor of doing some emcee work at the event. All of that AND seeing the Space Shuttle launch made it a weekend to remember. More info and behind the scenes stories involving my meetings with many of America's space heroes on Monday's show on KOGO.