Actual photo of Larson doing research in 1957.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


OK, so I feel like a human pinball ideas and possibilities bouncing all over the place! When I left KOGO in June I said I wanted take time to consider all things, including getting some clarity on a possible race for Congress. In the meantime, all sorts of intriguing ideas and projects have come up... ironically all since I stuck a "date" on my decision process (by July 4)there's been more to consider. But it's a nice thing (and quite humbling) to hear from people with suggestions, new offers and even campaign advice.

All of this has caused me to come to a decision of ---"no decision" (yet) on Congress. Not ruling it out, or in. The filing deadline is a long way off (early 2008). It's also clear that I need additional time to factor in fascinating new developments for my company, Mark Larson Media Services, Inc. In the last couple of days I've taken on a consulting project for a local media company. My been exploding with lots of new business, as has my commercial work with longtime clients such as El Cajon Ford. And guest-hosting on the Michael Reagan national talkshow. There's no shortage of things to do right now.

It's all good: I thank God for the opportunity to consider everything...and not miss anything along the way. I think He understands if I hold off a while longer on the Congressional adventure... Check in often --- updates "as they become available"!

Happy Independence Day!