Actual photo of Larson doing research in 1957.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Today's New York Times has a lead story about how more illegal immigrants are hurrying up the process of becoming legal citizens. Of course the story is presented as if somehow it's America's fault... the people had no choice in the wake of the immigration bill's defeat in the Senate. Huh? Three cheers for assimilation!

DON'T COUNT ME OUT: Of either a future political race or new media exposure. One of the things I'm finding I miss most in my "mulling all options" phase of life now is a daily outlet: A radio talk show. Sure, the Blog helps, but plenty more to say every day (BTW: Going to be adding video webcam updates on the Blog sometime soon.) As I've noted many times, I loved the 12-3PM spot on KOGO, but the switch to a 6-8PM show wasn't working for me... and it felt so far removed from everything else that I enjoyed at the station. But for pundits who keep saying "Larson's hung up his radio microphone", as if it's "forever" ----well, that's just not true. Just the KOGO mic... stay tuned.