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Friday, September 12, 2008


ABC's Charlie Gibson got the first interview with Gov. Sarah Palin and tried to trip her up more than once. Palin performed very well, with the evidence being a lack of "ah HA!" headlines this morning. So the media are stretching to find something.. anything.. to criticize. The Washington Post opined about Palin's suppossed confusion over an"Iraq and 9/11" link. But here's the rest of the story:
Were the questions from Gibson fair? Mostly, buy his repeated digging for a gaffe on Israel and God issues made me wonder if he.. or anyone else... has used the same technique with Obama.
Oh, and let's remember Palin isn't running for President.

CHARLIE WE HARDLY KNOW YE: Check Mr. Gibson's mood and tone of questions in his interview with Obama (vs. the intensity shown as he tried to trap Palin):