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Monday, September 01, 2008


Here's more about how Sen. McCain kept the Gov. Sarah Palin pick underwraps:
And not only were the Dems blindsided, they obviously think she's a big threat to Obama-Biden.
John Kerry already made comments about how her Christian views show Palin's akin to the "flat earth society" and Joe Biden's already made a sexist comment allowing how "she's good looking", anyway (add that to his "clean articulate" remarks about Barack Obama and you get an idea of what's going on). Democrats were consistent on their media talking points throughout the weekend, including using phrases like "heartbeat away from the Presidency" (making it seem like McCain's 112 years old and barely breathing) and expressing concerns about Gov. Palin's "lack of foreign policy experience". ABC's Cokie Roberts pointed out, to her credit, that most Governors don't have that expertise either. The Alaska Gov. has shown she's a smart, tough leader. It strikes me that the DNC risks appearing like an anti-women bunch, especially in the wake of Obama's treatment of Hillary... and the implied view that somehow Palin couldn't actually study what she needs to know in a VP role. To suggest otherwise sure sounds like there's a DNC assumption that women can't possibly read, prepare and excel. The left is showing it's true colors, and is clearly threatened by the McCain choice of Palin.

NASTY LIBS: Already the leftist bloggers are floating horrible allegations about Sarah Palin's down syndrome son, even claiming (falsely) that a teenage daughter is the real mother (here's more: Watch for more ridiculous, over-the-top spin on this in the wake of news that one of the Governor's kids, the 17 year old, is pregnant. That story is true, and not an unusual one in America. She'll keep the baby and get married, but that won't be enough for the left. They'll now turn this (which should be a private matter for the Palin family) into a story about how "stupid Christian conservatives don't pay attention to sex education". Yup, back to the old stereotype that people of faith just fell off a truck and are easily led. A bunch of "Bible-thumping pro-lifers". Only the libs are enlightened, of course. Think about this: How many on the left have found themselves in the same situation (teenaged mom time) and quietly aborted their children, keeping the news out of the headlines. Who has more courage? The Palins on this issue. But be prepared for new onslaughts of negative attacks on the GOP VP candidate... which again demonstrate the fear of the Democrats regarding the new Republican ticket. Get ready for more bigotry coming from the group that is supposedly "most tolerant" of all things.